Cancer, Work and Perspective

Chemo Round 4 was yesterday.  Andrea’s got the full (and more eloquent) update on her blog.

Anyway, while she’s doing her chemo treatments, I’m usually sitting right next to her.  Dr. Smith’s clinic is a surprisingly positive environment.  It’s one of the reasons we picked him as our oncologist.  Check out the picture below – a typical day in the infusion suite.  Puppy visitors and lots of positive, supportive co-patients…sharing tips, stories and perspectives about their fight with cancer.

It’s also a surprisingly productive place for me to work.  Especially during Andrea’s pre-chemo massage, I have about an hour to kill by myself and I usually end up banging out a bunch of emails and P2 posts.  At Automattic, we can work from anywhere – so why not the oncology office?  It’s got great wifi – and doing a little work there really puts “work” in perspective.  On one hand, it makes a lot of the things I’m working on feel a quite small or petty, when stacked up against the people around me who are literally fighting for their lives  (this is especially true of litigation…).  On the other hand, it makes me a little bit sad to think that otherwise smart people waste their time doing stupid things (like being patent trolls) when they could be doing something productive like trying to cure cancer.  But that feeling is very fleeting.  In the end, it makes me feel pretty good about what we do as a Company – Andrea’s blog has been a really great source of community, support, fun and inspiration through all of this crap.  It’s a nice to think that what I do every day plays some small part in making that happen.



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Paul (does anyone call you “Stein” anymore?), It has been way way way too long. I am saddened yet inspired by Andrea’s journey – hence your journey too. Ya’ll are in my thoughts and prayers. All the best.

Maybe you should take Lucy!!!! She would definitely smother everyone with doggie kisses. Love your blogs, too. It’s a different perspective on the same journey.

“Stein”????? Whatever … Serious health conditions are Family affairs. Like it, or not, strong positive families have strong positive results. Andrea has the bet, strongest, most positive ally possible … YOU!!! The. Two of you, with lots of support, will prevail!
Great. Blog!
Love always, Jim

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